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6 Apps to Create More Interactive Lesson Online

Due to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, we might just be facing one of the greatest educational crises in our lifetime. Various countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America have implemented school and university closures for an indefinite period of time. As the virus is fast approaching, there has been little to no time for us to be prepared on its potential risks and opportunities – which lead to billions of students unenrolled and educators unemployed globally.

And during these uncertain times, remote or distance learning has been very popular as a way of lessening the impact and disruption we’re experiencing in terms of education. Here’s where technology comes in. It actually plays a vital role in breaching the gap between teaching and learning despite the difficult situation that we’re in.

Below, we have listed 6 useful apps that would enable students, parents and teachers to create more interactive lessons online.

It is a free educational platform wherein students learn through fun and engaging quiz-based games. Teachers can easily create quizzes, polls, puzzle questions and slides to present from scratch or they can use pre-designed templates. This app is user-friendly and promotes interactive learning, any time anywhere!
Animoto is a free educational video-maker. With its beginner-friendly interface, you can easily create and share academic materials with audio-visual contents to keep the learners focused and engaged.
Storybird encourages learners to participate in creative reading and writing through storytelling. The teachers can create interactive and artistic books through photos provided on the website. And from these photos, a story grows. This is just a very simple and easy to use learning tool.
It is web-based tool which can be used by both teachers and students to create, share and explore thousands of educational contents fit for their academic needs. Teachers can set up a virtual class and create organized learning portfolios while allowing students to capture and track their own academic growth and achievements.
As videos have been recognized as a powerful learning tool, YouTube upped their educational content and easily became of their most viewed categories. The element of entertainment provided by the videos help students to be engaged and its easy accessibility gives them the leisure of learning on their own time.
ClassDojo is an online tool which aims to promote positive student behaviours and classroom culture. Students receive instant feedback and earn “Dojo Points” based on their classroom conduct. It provides means for teachers and parents to communicate frequently and effectively about student learning progress. It is free and fully accessible on computers, tablets and smartphones.
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