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ADVETI is an initiative by the Abu Dhabi Government to provide practical and vocational training within the UAE. They offer a wide range of Diplomas and Certificates for their students. Including Design, Environmental Studies, Travel & Tourism, Business, I.T, Logistics and Engineering. The students focus on developing and mastering practical skills that will help to improve their career development. Teachers in ADVETI have the luxury of having world class facilities that help to facilitate the learning of their students.

School Locations

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Al Ain
  • Western Region
  • Sharjah


English Teaching Jobs

  • Bachelor in English Teaching (Masters Preferred)
  • 3+ Years of Teaching Experience
  • Teaching License

Engineering, Science and Math teaching jobs

  • Bachelor’s Degree one of the above subject areas or Masters
  • 3+ Years of Teaching Experience
  • Teaching License

Other teaching jobs with ADVETI

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Masters
  • 3+ Years of Teaching Experience or Industry Experience
  • Teaching License (preferred)


  • AED 12,000/- to AED 14,000/- Per month depending on experience and qualifications
  • Relocation Allowance AED 20,000/-
  • Housing Subsidised depending on area (Up tp AED 9,000/-)
  • Medical Insurance for you and up to 3 dependents
  • Flights for you and 3 dependents
    Tuition Allowance for Dependents

Teaching Jobs with Adveti

The jobs available below vary but can include:

  • English Teacher
  • Math Teacher
  • Business Teacher
  • Science Teacher
  • I.T Teacher
  • Tourism Teacher
  • Engineering Teacher
  • Biology Teacher
  • Chemistry Teacher
  • Physics Teacher
  • PE Teacher
  • Leadership Positions