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Living and Working in Dubai

Dubai is the most populous emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Due to its proximity to other countries, Dubai is both a popular tourist destination and a great place to live for those seeking to travel during holidays and school breaks. Dubai is known for its extensive shopping options – luxurious shopping centers, enormous boutiques and markets, white sand beaches, and even the tallest skyscraper in the world!

Teachers that live in Dubai can enjoy a great work/life balance. Teachers will join the multinational staff, and teach in schools offering state of the art facilities and excellent resources. Many teachers join fitness gyms, sports teams, dance lessons, water sports, and other interest clubs to easily meet other expats. There is a large community of expats living in Dubai, and socializing becomes easier when you’re having fun!

Teaching Benefits

When you choose to teach in Dubai you are choosing a wealth of benefits along with teaching in an excellent location. Most international schools offer:

  • Housing
  • Medical Benefits
  • Annual Return Flights to your home country
  • Tuition for school-aged children
  • A Tax-Free Salary
  • End-of-Contract Bonus

Local Culture

The local religion is Islam, though other religions are practiced as well. Local emirates first language is Arabic, though English is widely used. The United Arab Emirates will have hot desert climates year-round, and even a warm winter.

Getting Paid

Most schools in Dubai will offer automated monthly bank payments directly into your local bank account. The normal pay schedule is once per month. You will be paid in dirhams (AED) currency which is linked to the US dollar.