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Hire Teachers for your school

Finding teachers for your school has never been easier.

Working to recruit world-class educators for the best school partners.

Gulf Education is an international leader and with over 70 years of experience in education. We understand schools needs and have experience working with newly formed schools, established independent schools, school groups, and government schools.

We value our clients and educators equally – we believe that you cannot serve one without serving the other. Whether you are looking for the best teacher for your school or the best opportunity for your career, we deliver the same high standards.

What can we do for your school?


Opening a new school? Let us implement the perfect recruitment strategies to find your staff


Let us use our large database to help fill your vacancies in leadership, admin and difficult to fill teaching positions.


Filling multiple vacancies for school groups has never been easier. Let us use our large database to hire for your school group.

Recruitment Process

Resume Screening

All Candidates are fully screened to ensure only the best candidates arrive on your desk.

Phone Screening

After qualifying our teachers resume, we follow this up with a phone screening.

Background Check

All teachers are requested to provide references for a background check.

Interview Set-Up

We will arrange an interview at a time suitable to you.

Contract Signed

Once successful, the candidate will sign the contract and it will be sent back to the school.

Gathering of Documents

Gulf Education will assist the teacher with getting their documents together and attested.

Cultural Sensitivity

All teachers will receive some cultural sensitivity training to ensure they are able to adapt to the culture, religion, and traditions of the country they will be visiting.