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Living and Working in Hong Kong

International schools in Hong Kong are always in need of English teachers. Expats will be able to find work pretty easily, and depending on your qualifications, may be able to weigh a few options according to your individual needs. Some schools will offer a housing allowance, but many do not. Rent costs are high, so for that reason, many teachers choose to share apartments with roommates. The salaries are higher in Hong Kong, but it is also an expensive city to live in, so expats must be thrifty in order to save.

Teaching Benefits

Teaching in Hong Kong is a new adventure and an amazing city to live in. It also comes along with an attractive salary and benefits. Most international schools offer:

  • Housing Allowance (some schools)
  • Medical Benefits
  • Annual Return Flights to your home country
  • End-of-Contract Bonus

Local Culture

Hong Kong, although small in size, has a population of about 7.5 million. Hong Kong is a vibrant global city with lots of work and leisure opportunities. English and Cantonese are the two official languages of Hong Kong. With the busy hustle and bustle, the mix of foods, cultures, and languages from all over the world, Hong Kong is sometimes referred to the New York City of the East.

Getting Paid (How often, currency, sending money home)

Most schools in Hong Kong will offer automated bank payments directly into your local bank account. You will be paid in Hong Kong Dollar(HKD)