Gulf Education

How It Works

A Day in the Life

  • Meet Rashid. He is 12 years old, loves math and science, and is an avid football player. As an online student, Rashid prefers to start his school day early and get the more challenging classes out of the way before heading to football practice. He then logs back on in the evening to finish up his math and science classes. He puts in a few extra hours when needed during the week so he can have more free time on the weekends. Rashid loves the flexibility of online schooling and his parents feel more connected to his teachers than they ever have before. Rashid plans on moving into the IB program and hopes to be accepted to a university in the United States.
  • Meet Sara. She is 15 years old and frequently travels with her family for her dad’s employment. She loves online learning because she gets to sleep in late and can work on her academics no matter where in the world her family is. She prefers to block schedule, focusing on one content area each school day. This allows her to really focus and dive deep into the content to truly master the learning objectives. She particularly enjoys taking ASL and hopes to be a sign language interpreter once she graduates.

Learning Coach and Parental Support

Learning Coaches play a very important role in online education as they provide support to students from potential technical difficulties, guiding students to ensure they are keeping up with their schoolwork, and helping them connect with teachers or tutors if needed. Ideally, a learning coach is present and available for younger students or those who need in-person support to stay on track. Older students and self-starters often need minimal to no supervision.


Students, families, teachers and staff can access their virtual classroom from a laptop or desktop computer. High speed internet is required, and bandwidth is dependent on the number of devices connected at any given time. We recommend using the latest version of browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Fox, or Microsoft Edge.

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