Living and Working in Kuwait

Kuwait is a lot more quiet than Dubai. It tends to be a more popular choice for families. Parents choose the beaches, playgrounds, warm climate with less humidity as the perfect place to relocate with kids.

Teachers that live in Kuwait can enjoy a great work/life balance between teaching a large range of international schools and traveling during their time off. Kuwait is conveniently located near other Middle Eastern countries and South East Asia, and offers plenty of direct flights to Europe, New Zealand and Australia!

Teaching Benefits

When you choose to teach in Kuwait you are choosing a wealth of benefits along with teaching in an excellent location. Most international schools offer:

  • Housing
  • Medical Benefits
  • Annual Return Flights to your home country
  • Tuition for school-aged children
  • A Tax-Free Salary
  • End-of-Contract Bonus

Local Culture

The local religion is Islam and Christianity. Locals first language is Arabic, though English is widely used. Liquor is completely prohibited and that is a noticeable difference between western culture and life in Kuwait. Also, women should be prepared for dress code restrictions which include covering shoulders and knees at all times.

Getting Paid (How often, currency, sending money home)

Most schools in Kuwait will offer automated bank payments directly into your local bank account. The normal pay schedule is once per month. You will be paid in Kuwaiti dinar, which is the currency in Kuwait. Kuwaiti is currently the highest-valued currency per unit per face value in the world!