School Licensing and Academic Plans

With our highly experienced team of professionals, we have successfully licensed various leading schools in the UAE. We are knowledgeable about the licensing requirements and government expectations in operating a new school and we work closely with the individual school owners to provide detailed academic and operational plans to help them prove their ability to run their schools.

We aim to make the process of establishing a new school in the Middle East as straightforward and transparent as possible. This process includes some components that have to be ratified by other authorities. We have customer-centric Service License Agreements with a prompt turnaround time.

Our review team will carefully analyze the submission of the Academic Plan, looking at such aspects as the proposed location of the school, socio-economic trends, catchment area, the demographic profile of pupils, and other related details needed.

Our dedicated team will be able to provide the highest quality guidance, assistance, and further clarification about any aspect and any stage of the application requirements.

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