Gulf Education

Educational Furniture & Design

Gulf Education is a child-centered company specializing in designing and providing furniture solutions for international schools in the Middle East. Our focus is on creating interactive learning spaces that cater to the needs of students from KG through to third-level institutions.

As educational specialists, we take a comprehensive approach to educational design, ensuring that all aspects of your project’s requirements are covered. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced consultants, architects, designers, project delivery and site managers. Together, we work collaboratively to successfully complete projects and ensure the satisfaction of our clients with a transformational interior design.

Conceptualization and Design

  • Our team of designers and architects works closely with you to understand your vision, goals, and requirements for the school environment.
  • Led by our visionary designer, we develop innovative concepts that optimize space, enhance functionality, and foster a conducive learning atmosphere.
  • Through collaborative brainstorming sessions and cutting-edge design techniques, we create engaging layouts and aesthetically pleasing environments that reflect your educational philosophy.

Implementation Planning

  • Once the design concept is finalized, our meticulous planning team takes charge, ensuring every detail is meticulously mapped out.
  • Our architects and project managers coordinate closely with construction teams, suppliers, and regulatory authorities to streamline the implementation process.
  • With a focus on efficiency and precision, we develop detailed plans, timelines, and budgets to ensure a seamless transition from concept to reality.

Installation and Fit-Out

  • Our dedicated fit-out team, comprising skilled craftsmen and technicians, brings the design vision to life with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Led by experienced project managers, our installation crews work tirelessly to execute the plans flawlessly, adhering to the highest quality standards and safety protocols.
  • From furniture assembly to electrical installations, plumbing, and finishing touches, we handle every aspect of the fit-out process with professionalism and expertise.

After-Sales Support

  • At Gulf Education, our commitment to excellence extends beyond project completion. Our dedicated after-sales support team is here to ensure your satisfaction and continued success.
  • Whether it’s addressing warranty concerns, providing ongoing maintenance services, or offering training for staff members, our knowledgeable support staff is always just a phone call away.
  • We understand that the journey doesn’t end with installation – it’s the beginning of a long-lasting partnership aimed at creating inspiring learning environments for generations to come.

Our Learning Spaces​

Makerspace & Vocational Labs

At Gulf Education, we are passionate about designing makerspaces and vocational labs because we believe in empowering students with hands-on learning experiences that cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and real-world skills essential for success in today’s dynamic job market.

Early Years

We take pride in crafting early years classrooms that prioritize safety, comfort, and interactive learning environments, fostering a foundation for curiosity, exploration, and lifelong learning from the very beginning.


Our classroom designs prioritize creating dynamic and adaptable spaces that inspire collaboration, creativity, and active learning, ensuring students thrive in an environment that encourages exploration and academic excellence.


We understand the pivotal role libraries play in fostering a love for reading, research, and knowledge acquisition; that’s why we design libraries as vibrant hubs of learning, innovation, and community engagement, tailored to inspire and empower students on their educational journey.

Outdoor Areas

Our approach to designing outdoor areas in schools emphasizes creating dynamic and safe environments that stimulate exploration, play, and connection with nature, enriching the educational experience for students of all ages, while prioritizing physical activity, social interaction, and experiential learning.

Science Labs

Our science labs are designed to enable students to foster hands-on learning with state-of-the-art facilities, sparking curiosity and innovation among students.


Our canteen designs are tailored to not just provide nourishment but also foster social interaction and promote healthy eating habits, ensuring students have a welcoming and vibrant space to enjoy nutritious meals and build lasting friendships.

Art & Music Rooms

In our Music and Art rooms, we cultivate inspiring environments that foster creativity and self-expression. With state-of-the-art instruments, tools, and resources, students are embraced to explore their artistic talents and musical abilities, nurturing a culture of innovation and a deep passion for the arts.


The reception area serves as the initial impression of any school. We place a high priority on its design, guaranteeing a welcoming, professional, and organized setting that mirrors your schools core values and beliefs. This approach creates a positive and memorable experience for visitors, parents, and students alike.

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