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Start-up School

Our deep-rooted commitment to World Class Education.

Starting up a school requires navigating an array of decisions to achieve a school’s vision and purpose. Gulf Education carefully collaborates with you to create your school.  We apply our deep expertise and hands-on school experience to help you achieve your goal of opening a strong and vibrant school, with options ranging from fully customized to pre-configured.

Gulf Education Management Services offers a complete, tailored offering that includes visioning, planning, implementation, and ongoing management of your school, which will be opened under your desired brand name. These various contracts offer extensive assistance and direct management options to potential owners who must navigate a complex set of considerations and implications throughout the entire process.

Our services typically include financial planning, campus design, fixtures/furniture and equipment (FF&E), technology planning, curriculum development, selection/procurement of instructional materials, school policy documents, staffing school leaders and teachers, and creating effective teaching, learning plans, operations & marketing, and quality assurance.

Gulf Education will assist you in establishing your school while respecting local culture and curriculum as well as internationally recognized curriculum.

We use an innovative, client-focused approach throughout the process to help you ensure market differentiation and brand recognition for your new school. Timelines vary depending on the unique needs of each client tailored solution once you have secured land, licenses, and financial support to allow for all custom decisions. Furthermore, our global set of benchmarking data will help you make critical decisions as you build a vibrant, competitive school.

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