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Who We Are​​

Gulf Education is a student-centered company, bringing an array of schooling options to all learners. With the flexibility to learn at their own pace, students can opt into online learning to leverage a truly individualized learning path. Whether you are a traveling family, your student is a dedicated athlete, or looking for coursework that is above their current grade level, online schooling opens the door to endless possibilities. For homeschool families as well as students attending a bricks and mortar school, online learning can support your students to thrive in their studies.


Esilda Ross Bio


Esilda Ross has been a passionate educator for over 25 years, moving into the online learning space in 2003. She began her career as an elementary teacher, first in the private sector, then in the public sector before teaching Spanish online. She later taught elementary grades for Florida Connections Academy before moving into various leadership roles and, in 2010, becoming School Leader.

Over the course of two decades in virtual education, Esilda had the opportunity to collaborate with virtual school leaders, educators, district and state level staff, as well as vendors and providers. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role and is excited to spearhead Gulf Education into the transformative world of online learning.

Esilda earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Educational Leadership, both from Stetson University. In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling.

Letter from the Director​​

Dear students, families, and school staff,

We are excited to offer part-time and full-time online learning opportunities to students in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Students who choose to take online courses in addition to attending a traditional, bricks and mortar school, may be looking for a course not currently offered at their school or seeking additional support in a particular content area. For advanced or gifted students, our courses can supplement their current schedule as a means to further individualize their learning portfolio based on their academic strengths and interests. They can progress through the course at a speed that aligns with their personal abilities. The same holds true for struggling students as they are able to spend additional time with evidence-based interventions and targeted academic instruction.

Students who choose the full-time option are often looking for individualized learning pathways, flexibility with their school schedule, or the ability to attend school from anywhere. Online schools often serve student athletes, actors and actresses, families who travel, gifted students or students with disabilities, students with health concerns or allergies, and students who have been bullied. Virtual school is not for everyone, but it is a great option for many who are looking for a quality education that is flexible and individualized to meet the needs of each learner.

To ensure a successful experience as an online learner, all students enrolling in courses will need access to a computer and high-speed internet. Our highly trained, certified teachers are eager to get to know you and provide a welcoming and positive learning environment for your student to reach their full potential.

I look forward to partnering with you to deliver a high-quality online learning experience.

Esilda Ross
Director of Online Learning


Gulf Education strives to meet the individualized needs of all learners and best prepare them to be productive citizens and contributors in tomorrow’s world.

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